Who Are WE?

our mission

"Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam"
The World Is One Family


We are a bunch of ‘learners’ from different academic disciplines coming together to explore the mysteries behind human existence. We aim to educate curious learners like you to understand our place in the universe, irrespective of your initial knowledge or expertise.


Why do we care about 13.8 billion years of History?

We gain knowledge from our personal experiences and our studies of specialized subjects  We can see the connections between everything we learn and understand. Big History establishes a framework for knowledge that we can then expand upon through our studies of specialized subjects. It will help you explore how it all fits together in the grand scheme of things. As a result, it serves as a repository for everything we learn throughout our lives. It begins at the beginning of space and time and describes how complexity has grown since then. It also narrates a story that can include knowledge from any discipline, period, or topic. If all human knowledge were a vast mountainous terrain, Big History would allow you to locate yourself on that terrain’s map at any given moment.

You will learn that all life on earth descends from a universal common ancestor. You will know how our species arrived on the scene relatively recently and how closely connected people of all nations, creeds, and classes are in our shared story. As the world grows more tightly knit into one global system in the 21st century, this common History unites us all.

As it is said that History broadens our horizons and allows us to live a thousand lives rather than just one. Instead of a single lifetime, we will get to witness the amazing transformations of billions of years. And, because human consciousness arises from the universe’s matter and energy, we are, in many ways, the universe looking back on itself when we investigate Big History. 

our team

Satyam Pratap Singh

Satyam is a computational geoscientist working on the Paleogeographic reconstruction of Earth in Deep Time at EarthByte Group, the University of Sydney. Satyam has completed his Master’s and Bachelor’s in Geophysics from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. Before his Ph.D., Satyam was also a teaching assistant at the IIT Bombay and IIT Roorkee. 

Aditi Pandey

Aditi is a historian as well as an artist. Aditi has a Master’s Degree in Medieval Indian History from Delhi University. She did her Bachelor’s in History (Hons.) from Delhi University. Aditi is very curious about natural history and love to explore the possible relation between the science and social sciences.